Game of Thrones

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Those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik!“ said the famous Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw. Situated in a fairy tale nature, carved by the skill of the human hand – Dubrovnik has persevered. Visiting Dubrovnik is like time travel. More than 1000 buildings in Dubrovnik are under the protection of UNESCO, which is the biggest testimony of the importance of this tourist gem. City streets were used as scenery in the famous TV show Game of Thrones, and a walk on city walls will give you insight into the way cities used to protect themselves from invasions. At the same time, you can marvel at numerous islands scattered in the sea. Dubrovnik was a small city-state that stretched all the way to Ston and included Pelješac. Defensive walls in Ston are a proof of Dubrovnik’s former size. It thrived for years thank to the diplomacy, craft and high standards of its merchants and seamen. Freedom – LIBERTAS – was the most appreciated value in Dubrovnik and stands as the city’s motto, allowing for the development of entrepreneurship and bringing wealth to the city. Interestingly, the Doge was elected every month in order to prevent corruption and Dubrovnik was the first state in the world that banned slavery. The ingenuity of city authorities can be seen in an interesting event that took place during the construction of the Minčeta fort in 1464 when the town lacked construction stones. It was ordered that anyone who was coming to the city from the direction of Gruž or Ploče should bring a rock proportionate to their body structure. From whichever direction you are coming, you are welcome in Dubrovnik empty handed! Come and enjoy its beauty!