Heart of Dalmatia

Listening to Dalmatian songs, I realized that Croatian people have a soul that should be shown to the world“, said Paulo Coelho. Indeed, listening to the songs of Dalmatian vocal bands – klape – takes you on a journey to the heart of Dalmatia. Dalmatians have been pouring their emotions and love into songs since ancient times. Through these extremely melodious songs, you will get to know Dalmatia. They are what gives sense to the whole story. These songs tell of overcoming difficult times in history, but also of everyday experiences. They are inspired by the beautiful landscape and love that the people have for it. The vastness of the sea, the boats and the lighthouses, love between two people, everyday life… all these emotions are poured into songs that are performed by groups of friends to ease their souls, and the songs echo throughout Dalmatia. Klapa singing entered UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage. We give you the symbolic hymn of Dalmatia “Dalmatia, worn down by your past“ and two beautiful love songs! Enjoy and don’t miss out on listening to the beautiful klapa singing during your vacation!

Dalmatino, povišću pritrujena
Pute, laze pizon dubli tovari
Gustirne žedne mijun sići i lati
Konkulana škina težakov od motik
Po žurnatin pritrujena
Prage kalet žnjutin dubli puntari

Naboj Dalmatine rebati na drači
Kroz kadene dicu čićan pasli
A judi driti ka kolone
Dalmatino, povišću pritrujena

Intradu pravice s tilin štrukali
Dalmatino, povišću pritrujena
Rod puntarski resa na drači
Dalmatino, povišću pritrujena

Ditinstvon gladnin povist štukali
Dalmatino, povišću pritrujena
Kroz kadene dicu čićan pasli
A judi driti ka kolone
Dalmatino, povišću pritrujena

Dalmatia, worn down by your past
Roads and paths paved by laden donkeys
Thirsty wells, almost dried out, caressed by buckets and pails (water was precious, there weren’t many springs)
Peasants’ backs bent from digging
Burdened with poor wages
Stone paved alleys dented by feet of rebels and patriots

The song of Dalmatia echoes in the karst
Women fed their children in shackles – in hard conditions
And people stood straight – unfaltering like stone pillars
Dalmatia, worn down by your past

Taxes were payed in flesh
Dalmatia, worn down by your past
A nation of rebels raised on thorns
Dalmatia, worn down by your past

History built on hungry childhoods
Dalmatia, worn down by your past
Children fed by women in shackles
And people stood straight like stone pillars
Dalmatia, worn down by your past

Here are two love songs by Croatian vocal bands (“klape“):


Skoro saki put
kad se mi pogjedamo
ti i ne odzdravis
ko da se ne poznamo

A da mi te sebi zvat
kad ces zaspat
prvo sna da ti recen
da volin te jos

Vilo moja
ti si moj san, ti si moj san
a lagje bilo bi da si tuja m
da te ne poznan, da te ne znan


Almost every time
when we see each other
you look away
like you don’t know me

If only I could have you beside me
When you go to sleep
So that I could tell you
That I still love you

My fairy
You are my dream, you are my dream
It would be easier if you were someone else’s
If I didn’t know you, if I didn’t know you


Samo jubav ostaje
Vrime o’ mižer’je

Čuvaj za me pokraj sebe misto
Neka je u tisno
Kad se opet rodin ja ću isto
Jerbo je vrime o’ mižer’je
Jerbo nam samo jubav ostaje

Vrata raja ti otvori za me
Kontra tramuntane
Di je bolji svit
Di je lice Gospa Ružarice
Di će nebo za me
Tebe providit


Love is all we have
These are hard times

Save me a place beside you
No matter how small
When I’m born again,
I’ll do it all over
Because these are hard times

Because love is all we have
Let me into heaven
Despite the cold wind
There where the world is a better place
Where the Virgin’s face is
Where the heavens will Give me you