People straight like stone pillars

Get to know Dalmatia and the Dalmatian people! You will feel a special energy that comes from the unique temperament of locals. It is based on love for the sea, soil and Dalmatia. Here, people love the stone, the olive tree, they love every step they make on that soil, which they hold sacred and priceless. Abundance of sun reinforces a relaxed lifestyle, one that some people have to work for their entire lives to afford. Take a shortcut, enjoy the Dalmatian way of living now. Life in the passionate nature where everything is intense. The winds, the countryside, the sun and the sea made the people straight and firm like stone pillars, resistant, adaptable, fast, cheerful, loud and smiling. Believe us, this is the life you want to experience. There is no place for rush here. Everything seems slow to a certain extent, as if time doesn’t even exist, with a hundred percent assurance that everything will work itself out! What a wonderful thought and what a wonderful way of life. Nevertheless, be careful not to confuse this relaxedness with laziness. Dalmatians are very hard working, confident and entrepreneurial people. You will be surprised by their openness and friendliness. Enjoy small talk because here people appreciate the small things. These people recognize the true values in life and live in harmony, which can be seen even in their longevity, vitality and laughter!