Make a reservation



    Do you know when you will use your annual leave but you do not wish to carry a lot of cash with you?

    Use the payment possibility of the whole annual leave to our business account before your arrival at the camp.

    On demand, we shall send you a quotation with all costs included to your e-mail address and you can make a payment directly to our business account.

    • You will receive a lot offer within 24 hours. Reservation becomes valid immediatelly after validation of a deposit in the amount of 30% to our business bank account.
    • A reservation is possible for at least 7 days. For shorter visits we ask you to check the availability of parcels through phone.
    • Discounts and special offers are available at the camp reception for cash or through a transaction to our business account.
    • At the camp reception you can also pay with credit cards Visa, Master, Maestro and American Express.
    • All parcels have the same price and for all parcels you may use camp cards in order to save money.
    • We shall send the answers to any question you may have to your e-mail.