Kiss me… I’m from Nakovana

Meet Nakovana – one of the oldest villages on Pelješac, which, according to archaeological findings was inhabited as early as 6000 BC. In the cave Spila Nakovana, archaeologists found an Illyrian fertility sanctuary. There, before a phallic stalagmite, mysterious rites were held. Many inhabitants of coastal villages originally lived in Nakovana – in the inland region where they were safe from pirate attacks. According to legend, there were three blacksmith brothers. One day, they decided to divide their property. One brother got a small house – “kućište“ – in which he lived and which he used as a smithy. Therefore, the nearby place got the name “Kućište“. The other brother got a blacksmith’s forge – “viganj“ – and moved to a place that was named Viganj after it. The third brother got an anvil – nakovanj – and the place where he decided to live was named “Nakovanj“. During antiquity, Nakovana was ruled by Illyrians who were based on a hill called GRAD and who fortified it with strong walls. According to legend, the fort sheltered great riches looted from Roman and Greek ships, but they were never found. Today, Nakovana has one resident. In Nakovana, you can pick asparagus in the spring, see donkeys and cows, and it has the easiest path that leads to St. Ilia’s peak. It is also famous for its yearly festival and a mass that is held at the beginning of fall when the entire island of Pelješac gathers for a folk celebration. Welcome!