Magic of the sea

Use your vacation to enjoy the therapeutic powers of seawater! Swimming and salt-water baths boost immunity and circulation and improve overall health. They reduce pain and soften the skin. The magic of seawater activates our healing mechanisms and strengthens our defence system. Magical seawater, that has a similar composition as blood plasma, contains up to 92 minerals and trace elements that are important for human health. Our organism can naturally absorb all these elements because its mineral composition is similar to the composition of seawater. By absorbing sea minerals, our body eliminates toxins. The level of blood oxygen increases and the best part is that we don’t even have to touch the sea to enjoy its benefits. The sea air itself is full of negatively charged ions that act as strong antioxidants. By breathing it in, we improve our immunity and the wellbeing of every cell in our body. Sea air is rich in iodine, which increases the effectiveness of our immunity system and stimulates the thyroid. Warm seawater, partly due to its warmth and partly due to magnesium, relaxes muscles and improves circulation, opens pores, cleanses the skin and stimulates cell renewal and thus promotes detoxification of the body. Cold seawater strengthens the body, making it more resistant, and has a beneficial effect on our nervous system, calms tense and tired nerves. The positive influence of the sea on our psychological health should also be mentioned. Even after a short stay at the beach, we feel relaxed and the quality of our sleep increases. The sound of waves influences our brain waves, it calms us. Research shows that people who live near the sea are healthier and calmer. Their vitality and longevity are noticeable. The cause is the sea air and the green environment. It is time to become one of those happy people! Enjoy the sea and be aware of the pricelessness of these moments. Just as Dalmatians would say: “Tko to može platit?“ (It’s something money can’t buy.) Some things don’t have a price. This is one of those things. Let us be grateful for the gifts of the sea than we can unconditionally enjoy!