Eco camping

We invested more than 1,000,000 HRK in the planning and ecologically acceptable and permanent operation of this camp.

Have you ever asked yourself: Where does the water go after the use? We recycle our water. We made sure that the water is treated after the use in an environmentally acceptable way, so that it can be used for watering the trees in the camp. By doing this we do not burden the nature with our waste but we achieved a faster growth of trees.

For water heating in the camp we use solar energy and this cooperation with nature enables that we always have plenty of warm water and no additional costs arise.

All water taps in sanitary facilities include systems for the efficient use of water which in no way influence the functionality because water is very precious, especially in Dalmatia which does not have many natural spring waters.

We also implemented energy saving measures, e.g. energy saving lamps.

The waste is sorted according to possibilities of the local government.

The whole camp is constantly maintained and planted with native plants.

And without reduction of comfort for guests we cherish the nature (Land) in an appropriate manner, which is our only home.

Surely it would be cheaper without it
but this way everything is more meaningful.

We love our land.

The ground we walk and live on is its body;

the water in which we bathe is its blood; and

the wind that caresses us is its breath.

There are plenty of things you can enjoy in!

Become a part of this story!

Welcome to this beautiful corner of the earth!