Tourism with heart

Are you sick of mass tourism and feeling like a number? Experience tourism with heart! In this idyllic fishing village with a population of around 200, you will feel at home. Most businesses are family businesses, people work in tourism, fishing and agriculture, and are all very hospitable and friendly. They will gladly say hello on the street and smile, maybe even ask you how you’re doing. Here you can find several family restaurants that prepare food according to traditional recipes, olive oil manufacturers and honey farmers as well as domestic products such as orange and lemon marmalades, liqueurs, salted fish – all made in the traditional way. This is a real place with real people and here you can experience authentic Dalmatia. The village is a car-free zone and there is no traffic noise. Time goes slowly here. Don’t expect flashing lights – expect simple and subtle natural beauty. Those who are most likely to fall in love with Lovište are those seeking peace and comfort in nature, a discreet vacation, refreshment after exhausting work hours, an experience that is in stark contrast with city life, an active vacation at sea. You can take home souvenirs handcrafted with love, as well as the good will of the locals. We wish you a warm welcome!