In the footsteps of Marco Polo

Conquer the fortified town of Korčula! You will love its towers, walls, details and ornaments carved in stone by skilful hands of local stonemasons. It’s a miracle what human hands can make out of seemingly plain, grey stone. However, here you will come to know the uniqueness of the stone. Beauty awaits you every step of the way. Korčula is the best-preserved medieval Croatian town with streets that you will fall in love with! Visit the birth house of Marco Polo – the famous Venetian merchant who described the adventures from his travels in his book “Il Milione“. Try some of the gastronomic surprises and specialties of this lively island. A cultural delicacy is Moreška – a sword dance in which a white and a black king fight for the love of a girl! Who will win? Tread in the footsteps of Marco Polo, start in Korčula!