A plate full of health

Would you like some lobster? Croatian gastronomy, especially on the coast and islands, developed on the tradition of organic and healthy Mediterranean diet that consists of meals made of vegetables and olive oil, fish, shellfish, wine, goat and sheep cheese and fruits such as citrus fruits, grapes, figs, almonds. The uniqueness of our cuisine lies in the healthy preparation of meals. Namely, vegetable is boiled in nothing but water and is later seasoned with olive oil and herbs such as rosemary, sage, basil and marjoram. This might sound simple, but the result is an amazing harmony of flavours. After all, less is more. Fish is usually prepared as brudet (a type of traditional Dalmatian fish stew, also found in Kvarner and Istria), boiled or grilled, while meat is roasted under the bell, which gives it an unforgettable taste. As a starter, different types of cheese with prosciutto and olives is served. Cakes and pastry are made with fruit and nuts. It is inevitable to wash the food down with famous, quality wines from Pelješac. Plavac Mali is the most important autochthonous grape sort in Croatia. The wine is of a dark ruby colour with a deep blue glare, a well-developed scent, brisk and sharp with a specific flavour. The best Plavac is made in Dingač and Postup on Pelješac. Dingač is the first and Postup is the second protected Croatian wine. It is the abundance of sunshine along with the sea and sea air that give the unique and incomparable flavour to local food and dishes.

Lovište is a gastronomic paradise with a number of restaurants that use high-quality ingredients – mostly grown in the gardens of restaurant owners – and prepare traditional meals – the way their grandmothers made them. Enjoy beautiful sunsets with a glass of Pelješac wine on the terrace of one of the charming restaurants in Lovište! Moreover, in case you decide to have some lobster, restaurant owners will catch it themselves and cook it for you. Welcome!